Xbox One X Has Seen An “Incredible Response”, Says Microsoft CEO #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Xbox One X Has Seen An “Incredible Response”, Says Microsoft CEO

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made, and by all accounts, it has managed to reverse Microsoft’s flagging fortunes in the console market somewhat by galvanizing their fanbase, who have bought the new, $500 system in droves. Apparently, Microsoft is incredibly happy with how the new system has been received in the market, too.

Speaking during Microsoft’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella noted that the Xbox One X has seen “an incredible response” from the market, which is especially impressive since the console, I reiterate, costs $500- and in the Holiday season, price is king. The fact that it is still doing well costing as much as it does is indisputably a testament to it.

The Xbox One X launched on November 7, and is available now. How much it ended up impacting the performance of the Xbox One overall commercially remains to be seen, especially since the PS4 and Nintendo Switch have continued to perform exceptionally well, too.

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