Xbox One S and Xbox One X Getting FreeSync 2 This Spring #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Xbox One S and Xbox One X Getting FreeSync 2 This Spring

Xbox One X

While we already knew that the Xbox One X would get support for FreeSync 2 at some point, we still got two relatively major news related to that this weekend, during the inaugural Inside Xbox broadcast Microsoft held on Saturday.

Specifically, Microsoft announced that Xbox will be getting FreeSync 2 (which means support for variable refresh rate technology) this Spring; there was an additional surprise included as well, because the Xbox One X is no longer the only Xbox getting updated to support this standard. Rather, Xbox One S will be brought along for the ride, too.

As of right now, few, if any, consumer grade display panels actually support VRR, so this is a very forward thinking move from Microsoft. And Xbox owners can rest assured with the knowledge that their console is truly supporting all the cutting edge tech and standards- even if many of them are not immediately viable just yet.

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