Top Video Game Bosses With Excessive QTEs #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Top Video Game Bosses With Excessive QTEs

We’ve seen bosses require quite the complex array of mechanics to bring down. However, some of them aren’t quite as complex, employing a healthy dosage of quick-time events to emphasize the “cinematic” nature of moments. What happens when those QTEs become a little too excessive? Let’s take a look at boss battles where this is the case.

Hoyt – Far Cry 3

After Vaas, one would think a showdown with the bigger bad of Far Cry 3 would be more bombastic. Alas, the final battle with Hoyt is a knife fight. One isn’t generally opposed to knife fights (they have knives!) but you’re doing little more than pushing a button at the right time. If you’re lucky, you can actually “skull and crossbones” Hoyt, shoving a knife through his throat and forehead at the same time.

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