Star Citizen New Trailers Show Off New Vehicles #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Star Citizen New Trailers Show Off New Vehicles

At Gamescom, we got to see a lot of star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games’ ambitious, ever growing, crowd funded space sim that has now become far bigger than what was originally envisioned. These new trailers all show us multiple new vehicles that we can go hands on with in the game, including some starships.

The vehicles we see include  the Drake Cutlass Black, the Aopoa Nox, the RSI Ursa Rover, the MISC Prospector, the new RSI Aurora, and the Drake Dragonfly. While we don’t have a release date to know when we might be able to go hands on with any of them, we do know that Alpha 3.0 for the game will be distributed from September 4 to September 8.

Star Citizen is a PC exclusive game, and will be divided into various modules, each focusing on a different aspect of gameplay, but all existing within the same persistent universe.

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