Pokemon Developer Game Freak Hiring For Nintendo 3DS RPG

Pokemon Developer Game Freak Hiring For Nintendo 3DS RPG

Many people expect Pokemon Stars this year, an enhanced re-release of last year’s superlative Pokemon Sun/Moon in the vein of Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum. It’s been rumored for the longest time for the Nintendo Switch, which is an exciting proposition- after all, getting to play a new Pokemon game on the TV in HD would be incredible.

There are several other things that lend credence to this rumor- the head of the Pokemon Company had mentioned wanting to support the Nintendo Switch some time ago, Game Freak had begun hiring for a Nintendo Switch level programmer a while back, and the rumor itself comes from a well established and respected source.

However, in spite of all of this, it may turn out to all be just smoke with no fire- today, Game Freak has posted a new job listing, for a programmer to help out with a ‘3DS level RPG.’ Game Freak really only develops one RPG series, and that’s Pokemon– this seems to suggest that if Pokemon Stars is indeed real, it may be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. At best, it may come to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, both.

That would… be a bummer, but I guess Switch players will at least get to play a Pokemon game on their system regardless.

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