Paragon Trailer Unveils New Hero Yin

Paragon Trailer Unveils New Hero Yin

Epic Games’ action MOBA Paragon will be receiving a new hero on March 14th in the form of Yin. She’s classified as a hybrid melee carry and uses a whip along with the power of the wind. You can check out the two most recent videos of her below, showcasing her abilities in action.

To elaborate more, Yin’s abilities include Backlash, which deals area damage in front of her and reflects projectiles back at enemies; Lash Kick, which allows Yin to latch on to a foe and then kick off their head for damage (which can also be used on an ally for additional mobility); Windburn, an increase to the basic attack’s rage that grants Cleave as well; and Quelling Gale, a whirlwind surrounding Yin that slows enemies and projectiles passing through it. These projectiles can then be reflected back at your enemies with Backlash.

Paragon is currently in open beta and free to play for all. What are your thoughts on her skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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