Monster Hunter World’s Deviljho Arrives on March 22nd #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Monster Hunter World’s Deviljho Arrives on March 22nd

Monster hunter world - Deviljho

Deviljho is coming to Capcom’s Monster Hunter World and soon. As one of the most iconic monsters in the franchise, Deviljho will be stalking prey in the Ancient Forest on March 22nd. Capcom confirmed this to Famitsu Magazine recently.

It also noted that the upcoming Spring Update would have balance adjustments for nearly all weapons (with more information to come on exact changes), optimized loading to reduce waiting, quality of life changes like changing the subtitle text size and even the ability to change one’s appearance. The appearance change will be free the first time around but after that, you need to pay for it.

It should be interesting to see how Deviljho aka the Terror Dragon fits into the Ancient Forest since he’ll be dealing with the Great Jagras, Rathalos and Anjanath. How tough he’ll be also remains to be seen but don’t underestimate him – Deviljho is capable of running at high speeds, doing massive damage with his bites and spewing Dragon element substance at its enemies.

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