Grow Home Team Releases New Musical Platformer Ode #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Grow Home Team Releases New Musical Platformer Ode


Not all games that come out of Ubisoft are meant to be triple-A, open world titles with check lists of stuff to do. Some of them, like Ubisoft Reflections’ Ode, are simpler but equally charming. From the team that developed Grow Home and Grow Up, Ode is meant to be a musical platformer of sorts. Check out the launch trailer below to see how it plays.

Essentially, you roll around in a ball across a unique, vibrant landscape searching for objects that help make music. The overall tone is playful but still incredibly mysterious – we can dig it. If you want to pick up Ode, it’s currently available on the Uplay Store for PC at £4.49.

If you’re curious about Ubisoft Reflections’ other work, then check out our review for Grow Up here. The development team also brought us the unorthodox multiplayer shooter Atomega which is currently 50 percent off on Steam.

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