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Game Of Thrones: Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

The wait is almost over. Game of Thrones Season 7 is coming to HBO on July 16. The first trailer for the highly-anticipated series was released today–which you can watch here–and it looks like Lannisters’ days are numbered. Here’s what we learned from today’s incredibly epic trailer.

The trailer opens with Cersei Lannister walking into the courtyard at King’s Landing.

We can hear Cersei’s voice as she says, “Enemies to the East.” There is a shot of Grey Worm in front of his armied of Unsullied. The seal on his armor is different from the House Targaryen seal, which is a three-headed dragon.

Cersei says, “Enemies to the West.” We see a ship, which could be either Euron’s or Theon and Yara’s travelling through a storm.

As Cersei says, “Enemies in the South,” someone is sharpening a sword. The Lannisters’ enemies to the south are House Martell. They joined forces with Lady Olenna in Season 6 to get revenge on those who wronged them in the past.

Of course, Cersei also mentions the North, where she has enemies as well. There is a shot of Arya riding a horse. She could be on her way to Winterfell.

Cersei stands on a giant map of the seven kingdoms, with Jaime Lannister by her side. She says, “Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it.”

Cersei sits on the throne, with her brother/lover by her side and says, “We’re the last Lannisters….”

Cersei continues, “The lasts ones that count.” She says this as Tyrion walks towards a cliff and a dragon flies up.

Daenerys says, “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms, and I will.” She arrives at Dragonstone, which was the original seat of House Targaryen in Westeros.

Daenerys takes her seat on the throne at Dragonstone.

The Unsullied invade an area ruled by the Lannisters. We’re unsure where this is; however, it could be King’s Landing, since Daenerys is based out of Dragonstone. However, there is a small chance it could be Casterly Rock, if the Unsullied split off to take the city down.

Littlefinger talks to Sansa: “Your father and brothers are gone, yet here, you stand.”

Melisandre looks down onto a walkway. It’s tough to tell where she is, but she may have returned to Dragonstone.

Freefolk are running from something. One of them looks back. Could they be escaping from White Walkers or has something else come to North?

This season will have a naval battle. Euron attacks Theon and Yara’s fleet. We see this battle for a brief moment, which includes an explosion.

The Mountain, or Robert Strong as he’s now called, is dressed in full armor.

Jon and Littlefinger are in the Winterfell crypts. There is something going on between them and Jon grabs Littlefinger.

The Unsullied take on the Lannister guards, presumably where we saw the Unsullied earlier in the trailer.

What looks to be a burned arm reaches out of a hole in a door. Upon closer inspection, this could be Jorah, whose greyscale has progressed.

There are a few action sequences featuring Daenerys’ army, made up Dothraki riders. They are battling the Lannisters’ military and losing badly.

Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane are running. Because Jon looks back, it seems like they’re running from something, much like we saw earlier in the trailer.

The trailer closes with Daenerys’ army rushing towards the camera. Along with them is one of the dragons. It seems like the Lannisters’ are involved in a battle they cannot win.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16.

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