Fortnite Challenges: Treasure Maps, Search Between — How To Quickly Level Up Before Season 5 #Gaming

Fortnite Challenges: Treasure Maps, Search Between — How To Quickly Level Up Before Season 5

Epic Games’ next major launch in Fortnite: Battle Royale is right around the corner, as Season 5‘s release date is approaching later this week. The new season starts on July 12, which is also the cut-off date for Season 4 and its challenges. That means if you bought Season 4’s Battle Pass and haven’t already completed all of its many objectives–maybe you’re a newer player on Nintendo Switch–you have extremely limited time to get them done and earn this season’s skins and rewards before they disappear. Here are some tips on which challenges to tackle first and how to maximize the time you have left.

In choosing what challenges to do with your limited time, it’s best to account for how long they take, how difficult they are, and what the rewards are. You receive five Battle Stars for completing most challenges, or 10 for those that Epic labels as “Hard.” Some are legitimately tough; winning a match might be something that’s completely unreasonable for you, so it’s one that you’re best off skipping. But despite being referred to as Hard, certain challenges are actually quite easy and fast to complete, provided you’re willing to resort to using a guide. Considering you’re reading this and have precious few hours left, you probably count yourself in that group. And if you’re not, you may want to have a look at what skins and cosmetics are only up for grabs until the end of the season; don’t rank up enough, and you can kiss them goodbye.

Priority One: Treasure Maps and Search Between

Among the recurring challenges Epic offers are ones that ask you to search between vaguely described objects and ones that have you follow a treasure map. The “search between” ones can be difficult if you don’t play a lot or pay little attention to the map, but they simply involve going to a specific point and collecting a floating Battle Star. That means you can simply look at a map and parachute down to that point at the start of a match and almost guarantee yourself a quick and easy 10 Battle Stars.

Likewise, the treasure maps may sound daunting, but they aren’t with a guide. While you’re free to go to the location that’s named–Haunted Hills, Pleasant Park, and so on–that’s merely busywork if you have a guide. Those maps give you some hint of where to head on the island, and as with the “search between” challenges, you can just look up a map, see where you ultimately have to go, and head there at the very beginning of a match. It’s as quick as these challenges get, they’re worth 10 Battle Stars each, and you should be able to consistently get them done before anyone is able to kill you.

All 10 weeks in Season 4 had one of these two challenge types. You can check our guides through the links below for a map and instructions on how to reach each location.

Priority Two: Quick-Hits

While they may not yield 10 Battle Stars like the aforementioned challenges, there are a number of others that can be accomplished quickly and easily in a single life. For instance, you can consume seven Hop Rocks, which are a new type of item added at the start of Season 4 that lets you temporarily jump higher. These are found in a variety of locations, but landing at Dusty Divot at the start of a match will provide you with an abundance of Hop Rocks to consume; just wander the perimeter of the base set up there and you’ll the find purple rocks all over the place. This has the benefit of taking care of another object that asks you to consume Hop Rocks, Apples, or Mushrooms, which are all fairly new consumable items found around the map.

One objective that requires more than a single match to complete but is worth considering as you do these others is Week 10’s skydive through floating rings. You’ll need to go through 20 total, and you can reasonably go through three each time you drop. As you make your way to Dusty Divot (or wherever you’re headed), consider pulling your glider and hitting some rings on the journey from the battle bus.

  • Week 2: Consume Hop Rocks (7) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Week 7: Consume Hop Rocks, Apples, or Mushrooms (2) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Week 10: Skydive through floating Rings (20) — 5 Battle Stars

Priority Three: Some Travel Involved

Having taken care of the quicker objectives, there are some that aren’t necessarily difficult, but they do involve some legwork. You can score goals on pitches, search hungry gnomes, search rubber duckies, and so on. These don’t require completion during a single match, which is good news, because they’re generally scattered around the map. As such, your best bet for maximizing your time is to drop in, knock one part of the challenge out, and then focus on something else.

Whereas those things are always found in fixed locations, vending machines and shopping carts are not. Vending machines tend to spawn in certain locations, so if you gather up enough materials, you can head to one of those and buy an item to get credit for using it (you’ll need to do so three times). And if you spot a shopping cart, just grab hold of it for a moment to knock out that challenge. You can check out maps and tips for these through the links below.

Also Consider: Stack Your Objectives And Gather Your Friends

All of the above challenges are your best bets for quickly leveling up your Battle Pass. Once you’ve done those, there are still plenty of others to level you up even further and get the most desirable rewards. To do so efficiently, take a close look at what challenges you have available and see which ones overlap. You can work on pistol eliminations and dealing damage to opponents with pistols at the same time, for instance. And if you can do so at one of the locations where you’re specifically asked to get eliminations, all the better. Alternatively, head somewhere you need to open chests (remember to check attics) and then rack up some kills to take care of chest, damage, and elimination challenges at the same time.

Additionally, if you’ve got any friends who play, now is the time to party up. One of the Starter challenges anyone can do (Battle Pass or not) involves playing 10 matches with friends; that only requires you to join a match together. Provided you can get three friends to join in, you can head to the building near Loot Lake to dance and raise the disco ball–something that might be difficult to do in a public game otherwise.

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