E3 2018: First Gears 5 Gameplay Trailer Shows Kait Go On A Journey #Gaming

E3 2018: First Gears 5 Gameplay Trailer Shows Kait Go On A Journey

At long last, players have their first look at the gameplay for Gears of War 5. The new trailer debuted during Xbox’s E3 press conference, and you can watch it in its entirety above. It’s one of three new Gears games announced during the briefing.

The Gears 5 trailer begins with Kait Diaz crying over the death of an unseen character. Though she’s pretty shaken up, she’s ordered to move on with the rest of the group. She refuses, and reveals she’s been having strange visions, most likely on account of the Locust necklace she inherited from her grandmother.

Marcus Fenix lets Kait know where she might find some answers and she chooses to leave the group in order to go figure out what her visions might mean. The trailer than flashes forward to different moments in Kait’s journey, as she takes on enemies of all shapes and sizes and disposes of them with the same bloody combat that Gears of War is known for. Several new melee weapons offer even more visceral ways to dispose of the threats in her path.

As she ventures further and further, she begins to grow more distrustful and elusive, even pulling a firearm on a comrade. The trailer also showcases that Kait will do more than just walk throughout her journey. She’ll utilize a parasail to cross an icy lake and use rappel gear to climb down cliff edges.

The trailer ends with the promise of Gears of War 5 releasing in 2019. A mobile Gears game was also announced during the Xbox show, as well as a tactical strategy game. To stay updated on further Xbox announcements, or any other trailers debuting during E3, be sure to stay tuned to our E3 2018 hub.

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