E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Has Multiplayer “Surprises,” But No Battle Royale #Gaming

E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Has Multiplayer “Surprises,” But No Battle Royale

Multiplayer is a priority in Dying Light 2, but the game will not have a battle royale mode when it releases next year. At E3 2018, Techland lead designer Tymon Smektala told GameSpot the studio is watching what is happening in the battle royale-hungry marketplace, but that Dying Light 2 will focus on multiplayer in its own way and players should expect some “surprises” in the future.

“Dying Light 2 doesn’t have a battle royale mode…that’s not the thing we are focusing on. But of course we are looking at what is happening on the market, and I think we will have some surprises for people that like to play multiplayer,” he said.

While Dying Light 2 won’t have battle royale, the Dying Light universe is already in the process of adding it via the upcoming DLC Bad Blood, which pits several players in a race against time and the zombies to acquire enough resources and make it out of Harran alive. Smektala said his team is working closely with the Bad Blood devs, and the game is shaping up nicely.

“It is a very promising game, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for them because they are really doing a great thing in the Dying Light universe. Of course, since we are working almost door-to-door, in the same building, we share our experiences and ideas,” he added. The DLC is due out later this year, with a free global playtest on PC coming in the near future. You can sign up here to take part.

While multiplayer remains more of a mystery, we’ve gotten a better look at the game’s single-player mode. Techland says the game will improve on almost every aspect of the first game, and will be a “narrative sandbox,” where the decisions you make permanently shape the world around you. Smektala said choices and consequences will be a major focus of the game, shaping a unique path through the plot that will be different for all players. The game is taking Dying Light’s parkour game mechanics up a notch; players will use their skills to navigate “parkour puzzles” that have you flying across rooftops and reaching new areas.

Dying Light 2 is set 15 years after Dying Light, during a “modern dark age” following humanity’s war against the Infected. Surviving factions of human beings are vying for control of what may be the last city on earth (which will be four times larger than all the levels in Dying Light). How you interact with those factions will have considerable long-term impacts on the physical world around you, and of course you’ll contend with hordes of zombies, too. The game doesn’t have a release date at the moment, but it is due out in 2019.

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