Destiny 2 Replaces Exodus Crash Nightfall Following Issues #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Destiny 2 Replaces Exodus Crash Nightfall Following Issues

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After the weekly reset in Bungie’s Destiny 2, which usually brings a new Nightfall and challenges, players were horrified (or at least incredibly annoyed) to find that Exodus Crash was this week’s Nightfall. Essentially, there’s a bug in the Strike that prevents players from progressing forward and while players do have some kind of workaround, it’s not a guaranteed fix. Bungie for its part hadn’t removed the Strike from the Nightfall pool or fixed the glitch.

Until now, that is. The Bungie Help Twitter responded to players experiencing issues with Exodus Crash and changed this week’s Nightfall to the Pyramidion. Which isn’t a bad change at all since the Pyramidion is a more fun Strike. The same Nightfall modifiers seem to apply though.

While the change is appreciated, the timing may be a little off since Bungie is getting ready to release the Prestige version of the Leviathan Raid. This will presumably bring tougher challenges and more intriguing loot (or at least different coloured gear). What are your thoughts on the Nightfall change? Let us know in the comments.

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