Destiny 2 Art Director: The Game Needs More Weapons That Matter #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Destiny 2 Art Director: The Game Needs More Weapons That Matter

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Destiny 2 has its fair share of issues- this is something almost everyone who’s played the game agrees on. That doesn’t mean the game’s no fun – it most certainly is a lot of fun – but it doesn’t solve its predecessors problems the way most people expected it to. In fact, it actually creates a few problems of its own, one of them being the fact that weapons in the game have a few issues, in terms of power or variety.

Christopher Barrett, who’s served as the Art Director on Destiny 2, recently took to Twitter and acknowledged such issues, talking about how the game is in need of more weapons that “matter”, both in terms of power and “the hunt to acquire them”. Barrett went on to admit that exotic weapons in the game need to “live up to their name”, and that the most skilful and visceral weapons in the game need to “return to glory”, before going on to confirm that that is something Bungie is currently working on.

You can read the series of tweets in question below. What’s your take on this? It certainly seems to be a common complaint among the Destiny fanbase, and it’s great to see that Bungie are actively working on fixing it. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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