Days Gone Delay Not Due to Development Trouble – Analyst #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Days Gone Delay Not Due to Development Trouble – Analyst

Days Gone

SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone had a rather good reception when it was showcased at E3 2016. However, there’s been a distinct lack of information since then so when the game was recently delayed to 2019, especially after a nebulous “2018” release date provided by Sony, it wasn’t exactly shocking.

One thing that seems to be a given, as per Niko Partners analyst Daniel “ZhugeEX” Ahmad on ResetEra (where he’s an admin), is that the delay doesn’t have to do with development troble. In response to claims that the game was in development hell, Ahmad said, “It’s quite the opposite tbh.”

When asked if this meant stable and progressive development, Ahmad replied, “In that they’re ahead of milestones in relation to the release date.” While that doesn’t mean the team aren’t facing their share of challenges – because it’s game development after all – the situation is far from becoming another The Last Guardian.

Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game in development exclusively for the PS4. It stars former bounty hunter Deacon St. John who travels the roads, contending with hordes of zombies and trying to make it on his own.

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