Capcom Discusses Future Support For Nintendo Switch

Capcom Discusses Future Support For Nintendo Switch

Capcom has just released Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Nintendo Switch, but what about support for the system beyond that game? The publisher hasn’t been too forthcoming about games for the Switch beyond just this one, and a mistranslation earlier this morning led to some alarmist thinking that future Capcom support for Switch would depend on how Ultra Street Fighter 2 performs.

However, Capcom’s President and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto has stated in a recent interview (translation via NeoGAF), that the company will continue to monitor Nintendo Switch support. “As Capcom, we aim to bring games to all platforms, and continue our research,” he said. “As for the Switch, in May we will release Ultra Street Fighter 2 and we will plan our support while looking at how the situation for the Switch continues to develop.”

So there you go- Capcom’s support for the Switch is contingent on nothing but how the Switch does for itself. Considering that the Switch appears to be doing fantastically well so far, I don’t think we need to worry much on that front…

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