Blacklight: Retribution Developer Joins Paradox Interactive #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

Blacklight: Retribution Developer Joins Paradox Interactive

blacklight retribution

The co-op shooter Blacklight Retribution which launched on PS4 and PC around that console’s launch has been staying relatively strong, if a bit obscure. The good folks behind the title, Hardsuit Labs has just seen a bit of a windfall with publisher Paradox Interactive picking up a 33% share of the company for a cool $2 million.

The statement released by Paradox  outlined that they’re always looking for new studios to buff their catalog, and they have high hopes for what the studio will be able to accomplish with their backing. Paradox only holds a minority stake at the moment, which will allow them to “act more like a silent partner and the studio will continue to operate like it has been previously.”

While nothing concrete was said about it in the press release, we now know that Hardsuit Labs is hard at work on a totally new project that Paradox will publish. Whatever that title is, look forward to Gamingbolt covering it in the future.

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