BattleTech Releasing in April, Preorders Now Available #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

BattleTech Releasing in April, Preorders Now Available


Harebrained Schemes’ turned-based strategy BattleTech will be releasing in April as per an announcement today. Preorders for the mech combat title are currently live on Steam and GOG for $40. Spend $50 and you can obtain the digital deluxe edition which includes the soundtrack, a digital artbook and wallpapers.

To further prepare players for the Succession Wars Era of 3025, publisher Paradox Interactive has released a new trailer going over the basics of combat. BattleTech director Jordan Weisman, who actually created the property back in the days of FASA, noted the gameplay similarities to XCOM.

That being said, the number of combinations possible between different mechs and mechwarriors (their pilots) can be heavily varied. Players can either scout out their foes from a distance or get up close and personal with melee mechs.

BattleTech has been intriguing us for a while, especially with the ability to choose your own house and wage war. What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know below.

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