15 Things ROBLOX Fans Dislike About ROBLOX #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

15 Things ROBLOX Fans Dislike About ROBLOX

Massively Multiplayer creator Roblox has been one of the longtime staples of the internet, and something of a precursor to Minecraft in the simple creator game genre. Wanting to strike that balance between a powerful tool for game creators to thrive and a community that can enjoy creating simple content is hard, and the game hasn’t always struck the right balance. These are 15 things the hardcore Roblox fans dislike about Roblox.

B0TM0D corruption and user banning

B0TM0D is a familiar face within the Roblox community, but for many of the wrong reasons. Users on the forums like to criticize her for abusing her moderation powers in a corrupt fashion, banning users for invalid, inappropriate or completely made up reasons. There’s little proof of her actions unfortunately, but many forum users believe that B0TM0D is the one behind almost all wild swings of the banhammer.

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