15 Most Futile Side Activities Gamers Wasted Their Time On #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

15 Most Futile Side Activities Gamers Wasted Their Time On

Sometimes, the grind of saving a kingdom or slaying the last robots can just get to a hero, you know? Side activities, the second cousin of the side mission, rarely do anything more than provide a brief moment of respite or a fun mini game for the player to distract themselves for a few moments to bring some variety to a title. Then sometimes these side activities are a little too fleshed out, making us tear ourselves away when we’re reminded that, oh right, I’m supposed to be stopping the end of the world. Make sure you share your favourites, whether we had time for them on this list or not, in the comments.

Demon Destruction Mini-Game – DOOM 2016

Between all the ripping and tearing, sometimes the Doom Slayer finds a little bit of peace through something a bit less active than taking a Hell Barron’s horn and shoving it into someplace unpleasant. Demon Destruction is found hidden behind some inconspicuous crates in the Lazarus Labs, that once found allows the player to aim for a high score in a cute, terribly addictive match 3 game that plays somewhat like Bejewelled with the classic spritework and a bit more gore.

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