15 Best Battle Royale Games You Need To Play #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

15 Best Battle Royale Games You Need To Play

If you’ve been keeping up at all with the video games industry, you know that battle royale games have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. It’s not as if the genre (if it can be called that) was just created – it’s been around for some time – but with games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite taking the world by storm in the last year, battle royale has become exceedingly popular, to the point where we’re now hearing about all the major franchises looking to put their own spin on it. Even now, though, there are plenty of great battle royale games out there, and in this feature, we’re going to take a look at fifteen of them.


Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way right at the beginning. PUBG hit Early Access on Steam last year and crept up on all of us out of nowhere, and it exploded in terms of popularity. For weeks, it was the most played game on Steam, and though competition from other games has seen that decrease a bit subsequently, this is still very much one of the best battle royale experiences out there. PUBG is perhaps one of the purest forms of battle royale out there, and its great map design and authentic gunplay make it dangerously addictive. It’s not the most polished or bug-free game out there, but it makes up for those shortcoming with its engaging gameplay loop.

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