13 Games With Multiple Solutions for Puzzles #E32017 #E3 #Gaming

13 Games With Multiple Solutions for Puzzles

How many times have you encountered puzzles in video games and scoffed at how simple the solution is? You should probably take a closer look – sometimes the same puzzle can be completed in multiple different ways (or it’s actually just a really bad puzzle, that’s also possible). Here are a few games which revel in multiple solutions for their puzzles, challenging the player to either scoot by, completely exploit every single mechanic or recoil in horror at the randomness.



SpaceChem is an intriguing and wickedly clever title that challenges you to create different designs for effectively converting raw materials to chemicals. It sounds straightforward but the actual process is full of potential since you can determine how different outputs are constructed, what the best ways to streamline production can be and everything else in between. It’s fairly complex and not the easiest to dive into for beginners but that moment where everything just clicks together for your own personal “Eureka!” moment is fantastic.

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